Remove the fenders....cut off the fender aprons and fill the holes, smooth the inner fender well surfaces. The earlier the VW body the smoother the well to begin with.

Dropped beam or tube front axle...Absolutely the single most important contribution to the So-Cal look. An early Ford axle adds 10 inches to the wheelbase- improving the ride and putting the wheels out in front-the Fiat Topolino drag car look and clearly a hot rod touch.

Shaved handles & trim...2 small holes to fill. You could fill the finger clearance depression but it's a lot more work. The scoop shape becomes a nice detail.

Chopped top or Carson style top...Nothing says it's a hot rod like a chopped top. Chopping a VW top is no small task, however. (See Chopping a VW Top.) Some extra roofs are useful- the Pomona swap meet almost always has some. It's a good way to add a rag top if you are so inclined. And if you screw it up a Carson Style top begins to look like a good solution. Creating a decent VW roadster is a challenge-the deck lid and vents location prevent a smooth transition from front to back.

Custom interiors-retro to hi-tech...Oval dash insert, 8 ball shifter, stylish steering wheels, bomber seats -and many companies make interior kits at reasonable prices. See Links

Custom wheels and tires...With wheel adapters for the rear axle many options for wheels become possible. Halibrands, Gasser ET, vintage wires, chromed reversed, rally, etc.

Engine modifications/swaps...modified engines are inexpensive and plentiful- Okrasa, Porsche, Mazda- the sky's the limit!

Lowered and raked..."Big and littles" gives the car that unmistakable stance of a Hot Rod.


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